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Friday, August 23, 2013

Just Opened - Friday August 23, 2013

After a few weeks of new releases focusing on new works, our theme today for Just Opened is    Something Traditional.    Even our most experimental works this week are close to 100 years old!

Piano Concertos
Anne-Marie McDermott, piano
Calder Quartet
ISBN#0 90404 94032 3
official website for McDermott
My Delight of the Week!
Great Mozart piano concertos in chamber music arrangements... often the way they would have been first heard as the composer gathered friends to get a sense of the sound of the work.  A nice counterpoint to the orchestral Mozart Concerto recordings in your collection.

Spirituals for Flute, Violin & Harp
Edwin T. Childs, arr.
ISBN# 8 84501 70096 2
for CD purchasing information
Harpist & harper Barbara Fackler has been a regular on our air for several years now.  Aside from a concert career and recordings, Fackler plays "healing harp" for patients in a variety of settings, institutional and informal.  Here she is joined by Jennifer Dolan Reddick, flute and Gail Salvatori, viola, for lovely, soothing arrangements of traditional spirituals and hymns.  When people think of the harp, and think of restful music to calm their nerves... this is it, a real cross-over favorite.

Complete works for Cello & Piano
Colin Carr, cello
Thomas Sauer, piano
MSR 1489
ISBN#6 81585 14862 4
more info. on Colin Carr
This is certainly a cornerstone of the cello section of your traditional listening list.  Beethoven's 4 Sonatas for cello & piano, from his earlier, more classical compositions, to his ground-breaking 4th sonata - 5 Sonatas and three theme and variation compositions.  Carr and Sauer are names that are recognized internationally and still on the rise, and promise to be tomorrow's reliable favorites.

Bartok, Janacel, Kodaly
Andrew Rangell, piano
ISBN#0 34062 30018 1
more info. on Rangell with link to purchase his CD
Bartok is not everyone's favorite.  There, I said it.  But I should also say that his compositions span a great divide, some intensely melodic, others much more jarring.   Much the same could be said for Janacek and Kodaly.  The works on this CD are not for those who seek easy listening, but as most of them are at least 50 years old, if not older, they now comprise the newer part of "traditional" listening.   Andrew Rangell's recorded works are worth looking up.  Just as actors known for comedy like to try their hand at playing a scary killer, Rangell has a large body of recordings of great, pleasing, traditional favorites, so this selection of works with a different tonal structure provide a contrast to his other recordings, and could provide the listening contrast for your music collection.

Join us next week, for more new releases, Just Opened.
Kara Dahl Russell 

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